Je Cree & Je Vois Retreats

Je Cree is French for “I CREATE”

JUNE 20TH – 24TH

This EXPERIENCE is focused on the CREATION of self! There is so much that molds us and it is our job to unpack what was enviornmental, what was karmic and what is still hiding beneath the surface.

In childhood we choose acceptance over authenticity to survive. In adulthood we are invited to go inward and source our truth, our creative nature and reclaim our dreams!

We will utilize the FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS to heal the wounds of silence and suppression. We will embrace our anger and transform it into flames that light the path to a new destiny.

Je Cree is for those who are prepared to step into Radical Responsibilty and consciously manifest the life that is meant for them.

Je Cree is for those that know deep down there is more for them to experience in this life.

Meet Your 2024 Je Cree Facilitators

Energetic Advisor and Psychic Medium

Jenni is the founder of The Medium Experience and The Experience Retreats. She is multi-interested in all healing modalities but has found her biggest love is Inner Child Integration and Unconscious Reprogramming.

After 3 years of 1:1 work she has moved her energy into leading groups and high level mentorship. It is her passion to help as many women as possible in activating their unique soul signature and  anchor in the belief that we all deserve to live a beauitful life.

Jenni is the host of The Medium Experience podcast where her Friday Champagne Channeling is a crowd favorite. You can also follow her on INSTAGRAM.

When Jenni is not working, she enjoys crocheting, champagne at sunset, reading psychology books, planning her next vacation and spending time with her two boys & husband.

Intuitive Channel & Embodiment Guide

Chelsea, also known as Amara Ritual – is an intuitive channel, embodiment guide and what she calls “Inner Alchemist”. 
It’s her life’s mission to help others remember, come back to themselves, and see what is possible. She acts as a bridge, so others may feel empowered in returning “home” within.  
Chelsea helps others connect to their inner power, and true selves. To decondition from external programming, navigate our changing cycles, and create a life that works for us as individuals and communities.  
An advocate for women’s empowerment, she believes true liberation starts from the inside out. From there, it extends to all other areas of our lives.

Chelsea is the host of AMARA RITUAL podcast and you can follow Chelsea on INSTAGRAM.

Intuitive Energetic Channel & Animal Communicator

Rae is an intuitive energetic alchemist with focus on spiritual and business soul activation as well as animal communication and energy attunement.

Rae uses her intuition to blend energetics & astrological insight in a unique way that reads, tracks, and transforms energy in the physical realm & your business.

This combination creates soul-aligned activation for all beings and your spiritual business.

Somatic Coach and Relationship Expert

Lauren Zoeller is a 7-figure entrepreneur, host of The Aligned Love podcast, speaker, and author. As the Founder of The Aligned Love Experience™, Lauren is an expert practitioner in reparenting, generational healing and Somatic Experiencing. Through her work, she created the proprietary Voice Activation Method™ that has been used to help thousands of men and women heal from past trauma and take ownership of their future. 

She is a certified dating & relationship coach and her insights have been featured on The Drew Barrymore Show, The NY Post, Business Insider, Medium, NBC News, Goal Cast, SHAPE magazine, Ask Us Beauty and other international media outlets. She often speaks on topics such as Embodiment, Attachment Theory, Somatic Experiencing and Leadership. Follow Lauren on INSTAGRAM.


5 miles from TWP Vineyard is


in a quaint location right in the heart of Palisade.

Freshly renovated in 2019 to provide an urban, sustainable, fresh & clean environment to all guest.


There are 16 available room

9 singles

7 doubles

Transportation to and from TWP Vineyard will be provided.

If you desire to go downtown, just 5 blocks away or winetasting at various vineyards throughout the valley pedicabs are available.


All meals will be provided by

TWP Vineyard


A true 5 star experience


Organic farm to table produce


Locally sourced meats


Wine Tasting