School of Spiritual Awareness


My name is Jenni, I am a Psychic Medium. I believe we all have the ability to communicate with SPIRIT, after all we are SPIRIT.

I have created courses that support cultivating a deeper connection with yourself and that support those who are ready to take radical responsibility for their lives.

Healing is the path to awakening and becoming in alignment with your Highest Self and deepest truths.

I am so happy you are here!

My mission is to call forth all of the love in the world and to live a beautiful life.

Xx Jenni


“Jenni’s classes are like a fast track through therapy! She is simply brilliant”

“All I can say is WOW! I will be taking all of Jenni’s classes.”


“A beautiful experience.”


“Jenni’s classes are thoughtfully presented and easy to absorb. I feel seen and supported.”


” Worth every penny! I will be watching the Inner Child class over and over. Thank you!!!”


“Her energy is so healing, you can feel yourself shift as she speaks to you. I love how she always weaves in psychology and gives you tools to incorporate into your life right away. Highly recommended”


“The meditations are AMAZING”



We are all SPIRITS having a HUMAN experience. In all of my courses I will refer to your Angels, Guides and Source as a tool of support for you on your
healing path. You are divinely protected and


Our individual philosophies surrounding our
spiritual and human experience are what make us different. You will learn during your time with me what is important to you and what will and will not support you on your path.


A topic dear to my heart! If you hear me speak, you will notice psychology is interlaced in all topics. I believe psychology supports where we’ve been and spirituality supports where we’re going. We need both!

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Master Class

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I talk weekly on current energetics, spiritual philosophies,

psychology and all things SPIRIT!