Clarity Reading (60 min ZOOM)


The purpose of a Clarity Reading is to gain insight on your current situation or guidance around a pressing issue that may have you feeling helpless.



A Clarity Reading – What is it?

A Clarity Reading is the most popular because it is personal to you and your life purpose. As a previous client said “A session with Jenni is like fast-track therapy”. I believe what she meant by this, is that sometimes we can get in our own way and not see what’s right in front of us, and I am able to see what is blocking you from living a purposeful happy life. The Clarity Reading is for anyone that needs ‘clarity’ around a specific topic or circumstance.

What to expect During A Clarity Meeting

Currently all of my sessions are over ZOOM. We will start be doing a grounding meditation together, then I will begin to share with you what is currently prevalent in your energy field. Think of this reading as a JUMP START to self actualization. I can see where your energy leeks are and will intuitively know what is needed for you to advance in your healing journey. We will have open dialog throughout this reading. Often messages will come through from your guides or loved ones who have passed.

How to prepare?

Take at least 10 minutes before a session to ground yourself, clear your mind and set your intention. Without telling me, write down any questions or topics you’d like to address. Have a pen and paper ready for notes, Kleenex by for emotional release and make sure to be in a quiet comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.