Champagne on you? Thank You Kindly!




As you know,  I love to personally work on my continuous self-development so I can serve you on your spiritual journey and we can raise our vibrations and the frequency of the planet together!

That being said, I also love indulging in the material world we live in from time to time by slipping into a beautiful dress or nightgown and popping a bottle of Champagne with friends or solo by the fire with my Blue Russian kitty Henrietta.

I was introduced to sparkling wine in 2005 and immediately knew it was my beverage of choice. Since then, I will humbly admit I’ve become quite the connoisseur. I enjoy TRUE Champagne & so that is what I drink! Contrary to pop culture, all bubbles are not Champagne!

True Champagne comes from the Champagne region in France, it is fermented in the bottle for a minimum of 15 months and is deliciously exquisite. All Champagne is Sparkling Wine, however all Sparkling Wine in not Champagne. There are other Sparkling Wines out there that can also be enjoyable like Prosecco, Cava, Crémant and Sekt.

If you enjoy my content on Instagram, feel called to treat me after a session or somehow have found yourself reading this and want to CHEERS me, then click the button below and decide how big the party is going to be! A glass or a bottle?

Thank you for supporting me and my lavish indulgences as I chassé through this humanly life. XO

If you are treating me, I will be drinking


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