Mediumship Readings

Soul Mediumship Reading
(60 minute Zoom)



What is it?

Mediumship Reading is when the reader vertically connects to your angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed. The purpose of this type of reading is to assure you that your loved ones still exist in light consciousness on the other side.

Mediumship Readings – What to expect?

Currently all of my appointments are done over ZOOM. In a Mediumship Reading I can serve you best if I do not know anything about you or who you are trying to connect with. I will greet you and we will do a short meditation together to ground our energy and open session. Once our energies are grounded I will connect to spirit. My intention is to provide you with information from the other side that will assist you in healing, deepen your spiritual awareness and raise consciousness. Information will come through and I will begin to speak freely and often times quickly.

Most information will make sense to you and not to me. Some information you will not understand but may understand later after checking with family members or doing further research.

Sometimes Spirit Guides come through and you will not recognize their description because you have not known them in this current human life. Take note, as it may be one of your strongest guides and they are introducing themselves. Be aware that if you have lost a child at any time after conception that this child spirit will be around you and may come through, all children love their Mothers no matter what circumstances took them from this word and they are lovingly supporting you from the other side. Questions may be asked near the end of our session.

Mediumship Readings – How to prepare?

Take at least 10 minutes before a mediumship reading session to ground yourself, clear your mind and set your intention. Without telling me, write down who you would like to connect with and any questions you may have. Have a pen and paper ready for notes, Kleenex by for emotional release and make sure to be in a quiet comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.